Downtown Montreal in 1994

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The pdf eBook "Your Light Pollution - The New Sky-Glow Spectra" can be purchased here.

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Purchase two PDF eBooks: "The New Sky-Glow Spectra" plus "The Sky-Glow Story" as a discounted bundle (disabled).

A revealing and thorough eBook on the composition of sky-glow. Packed with diagrams and images and includes essential information for amateur astronomers.

Consider this eBook a good and rather complete presenation of actual urban light-pollution spectra encountered by the typical observer or astro-imager. Actual, not imaginary spectrograms for urban, suburban and darker skies are revealed as well as for sky-glow with moonlight. Details for the new and-or future light-pollution are highlighted in the conclusions.

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The 119 page (body only) PDF has over 240 images & illustrations and is packed with sought-after information for both beginner and advanced amateur astronomers. Some pictures, click for larger..

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The New Sky-Glow Spectra Collage 1

The New Sky-Glow Spectra Collage 2

The New Sky-Glow Spectra Collage 3

Appendices with detailed data are included:
Appendix 1 contains detailed data on lamp emissions.
Appendix 2 has info on the codes used for NEMA tags.
Appendix 3 has a very good compilation of light-pollution filters currently offered (LPR and some CCD).

A few findings..

The lighting industry has moved towards LED and induction-lighting, both of which are white. LED spectral features are now evident in all my sky-glow spectrographs, and in some, they are dominant. Amazingly, mercury lines have also become stronger in skyglow. I explain why throughout the eBook.

Sky-glow is enourmously variable. Besides depending on the air temperature and particulate contaminats in the air, it also depends on the local lighting practices and type of lamps installed.

The Best &-Worst Up-Light

The future sky-glow lines can now be shown relative to the spectral response of our three different retinal cells:

The New Sky-Glow Emissions

The desired nebula emissions are the grey vertical lines. The colored lines are all the new sky-glow emissions. Find out all the details by purchasing a copy of "Your Light Pollution - The New Sky-Glow Spectra".

The evolution of sky-glow through the decades is shown here: "The Sky-Glow Story".

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