Downtown Montreal in 1994

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The pdf eBook "Your Light Pollution - The New Sky-Glow Spectra" can be purchased here.

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A ground-breaking and thorough eBook on the composition of sky-glow. Packed with diagrams and images, it's colorful, but above all, it includes essential information for amateur astronomers.

Consider this eBook a good and rather complete presenation of actual urban spectra encountered by the typical observer or astro-imager. Spectrogrphs for urban and darker skies are revealed as well as for sky-glow with moonlight. The details for the NEW and FUTURE light-pollution are highlighted in the conclusions.

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The 122 page PDF has over 230 images & illustrations and is packed with sought-after information for both beginner and advanced amateur astronomers. Some pictures - click for larger..

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Appendices with detailed data are included. A good compilation of light-pollution filters currently offered (LPR and some CCD) will be found in Appendix 3.

Appendix 3

Download a lower resolution PDF preview. At 3.4mb this preview only contains parts of Chapter 1, 2 and 3.

A few findings..

The lighting industry is moving towards LED and induction-lighting - both of which are white. LED spectral features are now evident in all my sky-glow spectrographs. Amazingly, mercury lines have also become stronger in skyglow. I explain why throughout the eBook.

The future sky-glow lines can now be shown relative to the response of our 3 different retinal cells:
    1 = Response of Rhodopsin cells
    2 = Response of Photopsin cells
    3 = Response of our Melanopsin cells..

The New Sky-Glow Emissions

The desired nebula emissions are the grey vertical lines marked at the top. The colored lines are the new sky-glow emissions. Find out all the details by purchasing a copy of "Your Light Pollution - The New Sky-Glow Spectra" at the top of this page.

The evolution of sky-glow through the ages, "Your Light Pollution - The Sky-Glow Story" is almost here. Keep checking back!