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A comprehensive eBook on the methods and practices of the lighting industry over the last 200 years. Packed with vital information, tables and images for any light-pollution abatemnet astronomer on the basics of sky-glow creation.

Consider this eBook a rather complete history of outdoor lighting and its connection to sky-glow. You'll discover how the sky-glow spectrum has evolved over the decades with the types of light-sources lighting companies have installed.

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This 149 page (body only) PDF has well over 250 images, illustrations and tables, and is packed with sought-after information for light-pollution abatement people, but as well as for both beginner and advanced amateur astronomers. Some pictures, click for larger..


The Sky-Glow Story Collage 1    The Sky-Glow Story Collage 2

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There are 4 appendices in this eBook:
Appendix 1 has the info on the codes used for NEMA labels or tags.
Appendix 2 has the definitions for Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity, Illuminance and Luminance.
Appendix 3 shows the Basic Lighting Laws.
Appendix 4 solves for the Summation of Reflectivity under an ideal fixture.

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Some discoveries...

As far as astronomers are concerned, the switch to LED lighting is GOOD concerning public street-lighting, BAD for private commercial-industrial lighting. Using the EXIF data of previously photographed night scenes, I re-shot the same scene now with LED using exactly the same camera equipment and settings.

Some before & after images follow. For the inner city street on the left, look for a decrease in up-light on the indicated X's or no significant changes on the indicated O's (warning: large 2mb pic). On the right, look for changes at the indicated red arrows for this industrial roadway. Click for larger..

Inner City Road - Before & After       Industrial Road - Before & After

There have been massive increases recently with LED lighting wall-packs and lot lights. Additionally, installers and contractors continue to profit by installing good full-cutoff LED heads with bad upward tilts and overkill levels of light.


The data with numerous sky-glow spectra will be found in "The New Sky-Glow Spectra".

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